SXA Creative Exchange Export Generating Incorrect Links – A Language Related Bug

Recently I’m working on a Sitecore multi-language project with SXA enabled. One day I noticed a weird phenemenon – I have a page called “Entertainment”, but all my exported pages failed to link to this page, cause the links to this page are “mysite.local/tertainment” everywhere. “En” is missing from the link’s URL.


Since all links worked except for links linking to this page and it’s sub pages, it’s not related to misspelled link fields definitely. So why is”En” missing from “Entertainment”? I did export the site in English, would it be related to language? From there I started to look into the pipeline of SXA creative exchange Export. The export pipeline is very long, but I managed to locate the processor responsible for handling the links:


It is Sitecore.XA.Feature.CreativeExchange.Pipelines.Export.PageProcessing.FixInternalLinks in Sitecore.XA.Feature.CreativeExchange library. There’s a “TrimLanguage” method to remove language embed code from the exported links:


Well, so if the link starts with current language code “en”, it will get trimmed… something like “entertainment/joy” is treated the same way as “en/about”… That’s why my links didn’t work. Fortunately we can fix it easily by checking “en/” instead of “en” from the start of the link:


Then we can patch it back, overriding the existing pipeline processor, then export again. Then…yes! We can get the correct links for exported site now.

Thans for reading, hope this article helps.

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